Diamante | diamante biotecnologia biotech company verona italy italia
diamante biotecnologia biotech company verona italy italia
diamante biotecnologia biotech company verona italy italia
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board of director

Roberta Zampieri

President and Chief Scientific

Responsible for all scientific affairs. PhD with a thesis on “Plant Viruses: the many aspects of a fascinating nano- biotechnological tool”. She is specialised in the expression in planta of molecules of pharmaceutical interest with a particular focus on transient expression of peptides using nanomaterials derived from plant viruses. She has expertises in protein purification and characterization. She has collaborating with Professor Linda Avesani on many areas, including the «Prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases by plant virus nanoparticles», Zampieri R. et al. Science advances (2020).

Valentina Garonzi

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

In charge of managing the overall operations and bridging scientific with business goals. Since the inception, she has been the CEO of Diamante, responsible for the transition from an academic project to an award winning university spin-off. She coordinates the resources of EU and Italian Government grants. She started her career as business analyst at CIV, a Milan based multi-family office. MBA, MS in Economics, MS in Social Foresight.

Linda Avesani

Scientific and R&D

Professor at the University of Verona, she is an internationally recognized expert in Molecular Farming. In particular, applications for treating autoimmune diseases. Authors of numerous scientific papers regarding the production of biopharmaceuticals and nanomaterials with plant viruses. Responsible for several EU/financed projects (Joint project, FSE, Horizon 2020, FIRB).

team esecutivo

Elisa Gecchele

Scientific Project Manager

Phd with a thesis on ” Expression and purification of the mutated form of human GAD65 in different biological systems”, highly skilled in Molecular Farming, as transcriptional analysis in different plant systems and the scaling-up of specific processes for the extraction of valuable molecules from plant waste.

Mattia Santoni

industrial pHD student

He is graduated in Agri-Food biotechnology. He has expertises in plant molecular farming and genetical engineering.

advisory board

John Butler

VP Open Innovation at Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division at Bayer AG

John leads Bayer global external innovation partnerships, including development of alliances with well-established international scientists and research organizations, as well as young and promising scientific start-ups. Since 2014, John has been with the Global External Innovations Group, in charge of Venture Capital Investment and European Projects with impact in clinical development. In 2007,

he was responsible for the development of a technology platform to express therapeutic proteins in planta, with molecular farming technology (vaccine against Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) in Bayer Innovations.

Elena Sgaravatti

Founder&CEO di Plantarei Biotech Srl Padova

Elena Sgaravatti is PlantaRei President, Co-founder and shareholder of Demethra Biotech Srl. After graduating with a Pharm. D. degree from Padova University, she developed more than twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, from business development to strategic marketing in multinational companies such as GSK. She was CEO at IRB Spa (Biotechnological Research Institute). In 2016 she founded, together with Cereal Docks Group, Demethra Biotech S.r.l., an innovative start-up of green biotech. She is the inventor of eleven patents, she is member of the Academic Commission of the University of Medical Biotechnology of Modena and as well as of the Scientific Committee of the Cluster Bioinnova (Biological Cluster Veneto). Elena Sgaravatti is also a member of the Board of ASSOBIOTEC.

Patrizia Tammaro Silva

Investor relator

Highly developed interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, as well as a proven ability to work in team. Fluent in 5 languages (French, English, Italian, German and Portuguese). In-depth knowledge of the financial industry, asset management and investment products. Quality contact with institutional and private investors and intermediaries. Strong organizational, writing and research skills.