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Diamante exploits plants as bioreactors for the sustainable production of nanoparticles based on modified plant viruses that are used in developing new tools in autoimmune disease diagnosis.

Plant viruses are exploited as a scaffold in order to stabilize and display high number of functional portions of a protein (peptides). Through a fast and environmental-friendly production process Diamante provides innovative nanomaterials employable for several applications.

Our nanoparticles display up to 1300 peptide copies, allowing to improve the diagnostic performance of ELISA kits.
Using plants, our company con produce high yields of nanomaterials without the need of expensive bioreactors and culture media.


Sequence codifying for the peptide of interest is cloned in a specific expression vector. The resulting vector is used for Nicotiana benthamiana infection.
After 12 days from the infection, symptomatic leaves are sampled and used as source material for further modified viral nanoparticles expression and purification.
Our diagnostic kits are then set up using purified nanoparticles for coating ELISA plates.